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Agi Hejja 
#1 Agi has devoted 30+ years towards all things dogs, from owning to breeding, showing, teaching, and even years as a Veterinary tech. Her deep passion, endless knowledge, and tireless enthusiasm touches everyone she meets. As a breeder, Agi is focused on health, longevity, standards, development, socialization, owner training, and the list goes on. Agi operates on a different level, she truly cares for her dogs, her puppy buyers and the canine community. You buy a puppy from Agi, you have a friend and a solid source of assistance for life. Agi goes above and beyond normal expectations, whether it’s supporting the clubs she belongs to, education seminars or advice to someone she never met, she delivers. Anyone that ever has asked Agi a question, knows her passion, compassion enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and the answer is straight to the point, at times, more info than you expected. As a puppy byer, I met AgI several years ago and was impressed within a few minutes and knew I have just met someone very special. Agi was more interested on my ability, understanding and knowledge as an owner. She ensured our family and home was fit for one of her puppies. The experience definitely opened my eyes and re-defined what a real breeder is. Agi’s lifelong dedication and involvement in the dog community exemplify the spirit of this award.

#2 Promotor and lover of the Leonberger breed. Encourages and supports others to explore the ownership and showing of these magnificent dogs. Is kind and supportive to newbies to the sport. Is a mentor and example to all those whom she interacts with both dog and human. Agi was a close friend and colleague of Cheryl who misses her dearly.

Carol Brown

I would like to take a moment to nominate Carol Brown. Ms. Brown has an extensive history working with dogs. From being a pro-handler, events secretary, and superintendent. She became an instant friend to the MALC as we began to navigate moving into the world of AKC. She has made it her mission to work with clubs helping them navigate how to put on specialties, go through the licensing process and so much more. You will often see Ms. Brown at our events working as a show chair, serving as a steward helping with secretarial duties. She has a passion for all dogs! She loves to support new clubs and breeds. She has been an incredible resource for not just our club but the TLC and many many other clubs. We would truly not be the successful club that we are today without her support and mentorship.

Eileen Pevarski
Eileen has always been a great cheerleader for us newbies. She's always ready to lend a hand, encourage, and listen to concerns. She helps everyone! I just love spending time with her when I'm down in your neck of the woods! Very willing to share her knowledge and is not a braggart!

Judy Johnston
Judy has been an advocate for the Leonberger for many years. She is the epitome of kindness to all Leo owners. Judy has worked diligently to better the health of all Leo’s. She has been a wealth of knowledge about the Leonberger breed and passes that knowledge to all who ask. She is a responsible breeder and works to better the breed through responsible breeding. Judy is a perfect candidate for the Cheryl Cannon Memorial Award.

Lisa Carriker
Lisa organized the memorial advertisement for the LeoLetter. Cheryl was not just her dog's Jake's Handler but good friend. Advanced her knowledge in AKC shows, advised her in grooming and show care of her dogs.

Matt Townsend

I can't think of another who has shown us such leadership and encouragement for our Leonbergers and all of us in the sport of dogs. His articulation combined with his knowledge of "all things dog" has carried us to recognition as a dedicated and compassionate group of enthusiasts, breeders, mentors and most of all friends. We can thank Cheryl for all she gave to us and Leonbergers, and honor Matt who has carried us to national recognition through AKC and our passion for Leonbergers with kindness, dedication and such good humor too! Sincerely, Patty Smith

Susan Cipolla

Susan is an exemplary Leonberger advocate. She not only continually trains and works with her dogs across venues, but also is always willing to give a helping hand to others. She does not know the meaning of the word "no" when it comes to the Leonberger. I heartily nominate Susan Cipolla for the first Cheryl Cannon Memorial Award.

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