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Jim S. Martin (posthumous)
James S. Martin, Jim to his friends, was instrumental in helping the reemergent Triple Crown launch in New Castle, PA in 2013. Despite all the obstacles we encountered trying to thread the needle between the local specialty clubs, the national breed club, and the AKC, he gave us an abundance of kindness, leadership, and timely advice which laid the foundation for what we now can almost take for granted. These shows would not exist today without this incredible man. The dog show world and the MALC lost a true gem of a man when he passed in 2016.

Agi Hejja

 #1 Agi Hejja has, time and time again, demonstrated her love and passion for the Leonberger an international level as well as her multi layered involvement in the show ring. She has protected and encouraged the preservation of the Leonberger on every level, from breeding top quality type dogs for decades, to mentoring up and coming breeders while instilling in each of them, her own goals of excellence. As a mentor, Agi has encouraged her mentees to exhibit their dogs in the most respectful way and to put the welfare of the Leo' above all else. She also coaches to the highest standards of sportsmanship, leaving personalities and politics outside of the sport!!

Agi has also taken on the education of a new generation of breed judges. She helps them to hone their skills & knowledge so that they too, are capable of effectively and accurately assessing Leonbergers in the ring. She has spent YEARS giving of herself in the most unselfish way, all for the love of Leo's. When it comes to exemplifying Compassion, Humility, Kindness, Leadership and encouragement of others, Agi is forever giving of her self. As a breeder, she has learned many challenging lessons and when a mentee is facing a difficult situation, whether it be navigating politics, or coping with grave disappointments, Agi has an empathetic ear, a soul full of compassion & a head full of well grounded wisdom. She demands your best while living up to her standards in her own program!

...I am confident that Cheryl, who knew Agi's big heart, stellar breeding program, AND active role as a mentor to others, would whole heartedly agree. It is for all of the above stated that I strongly believe that Agi would be an outstanding Recipient of the Cheryl Cannon Memorial Award.

#2 We are so fortunate to have Agi as a founding member of our club. Agi’s willingness to share her knowledge of dog breeding is invaluable to every person who seeks her advise. Agi’s expertise and common sense approach and her willingness to help in any way she can is an asset for our club and all of its members.

Jean Boggie
I was new to shows before AKC. Jean was kind at the ringside. Her encouragement with good humor invited me to stay in the sport and grow new friends. Thank you, Jean!

Matt and Susan Townsend
#1 The leadership provided by these two incredible individuals is spearheaded through common sense, integrity, compassion for our breed, and steadfast vision for the future. The Mid Atlantic Leonberger Club has been molded by their knowledge of the Leonberger, their focus to move forward, coupled with countless hours of hard work and pure dedication. I feel immense appreciation for the guidance, knowledge, good humor, and friendship they provide to all of our members.


#2 Matt Townsend's leadership and support has really made in difference in the Leonberger community on the East Coast. Thank you, Matt! 

Steve and Susan Cipolla

Steve and Susan are exemplary Leonberger advocates! They both not only continually train and work with their dogs across a multitude of venues, but they are also always willing to give a helping hand to others. Susan and Steve have worked for a long time to expand opportunities for Leonberger lovers in the Southeast and have expanded the notion for many of what the Leonberger can accomplish, inspiring others to do the same. Well done, Susan and Steve!!

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