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The Triple Crown

Yeah - it's as BIG as you heard!
2023 Triple Crown will be October 13th-15th in West Friendship, MD!
Use the LeoTripleCrown menu above to learn lots more.

The first Triple Crown took place in 2001 supported by the MidAtlantic, The Great Lakes and the Northeast Region Leonberger Clubs. It was resurected in 2013 and now takes place annually always featuring a large gathering of Leonbergers.

In 2013,the Great Lakes Leonberger Club, MidAtlantic Leonberger Club, Northeast Region Leonberger Club, and Leonberger Club of America enjoyed five days of fun and showing over Memorial Day weekend. Over 150 Leo Lovers gathered to show, celebrate, and socialize in New Castle, Pennsylvania. 2013 featured six AKC Pointed Shows, a Fun Match, and a Traditional Show. Everyone pulled together to make sure you had a great time and felt the hospitality!

The tradition continued in 2014 in Leesburg, VA in conjunction with the Middleburg Kennel Club and the Leonberger Club of America. Saturday held three events - the All Breed Show, the LCA Concurrent Specialty, and a Match put on by the Mid-Atlantic Leonberger Club of Virginia.

In 2015, the event moved to Millwood, VA with another first for Leonberger events: back-to-back concurrent specialties. The 2015 Leonberger Triple Crown was sponsored by the Leonberger Club of America, Mid-Atlantic Leonberger Club of Virginia, Tarheel Leonberger Club, NJ Leos, Warrenton Kennel Club, and Old Dominion Kennel Club. 

In 2016, Millwood experienced a torrential downpour that stopped the All-Breed Shows, but it didn't stop our exhibitors or Leonbergers! We persevered. The shows were great and the fun was too!! 

The 2017-2019 Triples moved to Westminster, MD for five days of fun. This coincided with the Mid-Atlantic Leonberger Club of Virginia's 20th anniversary and a very big party was held Saturday night. Jumbalaya, Prime Rib, a live band, and some hijinx on the dance floor highlighted the festive dinner.

The 2020 Triple was canceled due to the Covid Pandemic. Since 2021, the Leonberger Triple Crown has taken place in West Friendship, MD. We hope to see you there to enjoy the comradery and competition! 

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