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Judging the Leonberger

"Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad Judgement" ~Will Rogers

The Mid-Atlantic Leonberger Club is committed to judges' education and committed to growing judges in and with our club. So far, we have four "homegrown" judges- Julia Brady, Alida Greendyk, Agi Hejja, and Matthew Townsend. Keep an eye out for the next crew!

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Agi Hejja is a breeder judge who has provided mentoring all over the United States and helped to develop Leonberger Breeder Judges in our club. 

Club Judge Articles on Judging the Leonberger

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Judging the Leonberger

Judging the Leonberger

Thoughts on Judging the Leonberger

Agi Hejja

In judges’ circles, we often hear that winning dogs stand out as they enter into the ring. In Leonbergers, the same often holds true. We see some of the important elements of breed type first; large size, proud head carriage with black mask and calm, confident demeanor.

Alida Greendyk

It has now been just over a year since the Leonberger became a fully accepted AKC breed and they are now a relatively common sight at AKC all-breed shows, particularly on the east and west coasts. The breed is still a rare sight at the AKC shows in other areas...

Matthew Townsend

Prior to this article, ShowSight Magazine published two articles on judging the Leonberger by Agi Hejja and Alida Greendyk, well-respected breeder judges of Leonbergers. They are wonderful stand-alone resources, perpetually available online, and I

The Leonberger

Amy Fernandez

It’s no secret that most modern purebreds materialized during the Victorian Era. And they came at a fast clip, literally multiplying exponentially year by year. For instance, the first genuine startup, the Kennel Club founded in 1873, documented just 40 breeds 

Today's Leonberger

Amy Fernandez

Leonbergers entered the AKC Working Group ten years ago after decades in the rare breed scene. That is always a drastic transition in many respects. Three leading breeders offered their take on the breed’s progress...

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