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Our 2024 Nominations:

Cindy Hunt
I feel honored to nominate Cindy Hunt for the Cheryl Cannon Memorial Award. Cindy's profound dedication to the Leonberger breed and her unwavering commitment to the dog community make her an exemplary candidate for this recognition.

Cindy has been a cornerstone of the Leonberger community for over 30 years, dedicating the last 21 years specifically to the breeding and nurturing of Leonbergers through her kennel, Concorde Ridge Leonbergers (CR Leos). Her kennel is renowned for its high standards, importing breeding stock from Germany, Russia, and Ireland, and conducting rigorous genetic screening to ensure the health and diversity of her Leos. Cindy's Leonbergers are not only champions in the American and Canadian show rings but also beloved companions who embody the best of the breed's qualities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when the Canadian border was closed, Cindy's resourcefulness and determination were on full display. She used a helicopter to fly herself and her Leonbergers over the border, ensuring she could attend and support the Leonberger Triple Crown! This extraordinary effort exemplifies her commitment to the breed and our community.

Cindy's dedication extends far beyond breeding and competition. She is a constant source of support and encouragement to her fellow exhibitors, always fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere. Has anyone seen her at a show without a smile on full display? This year, despite her passion for competing, Cindy has selflessly given up a day of showing to serve as a Sweepstakes judge for the MALC, demonstrating her willingness to contribute to the community in any capacity needed.

In the words of a close peer, “Very few breeders have Leonbergers with this level of dedication from conception to cremation.” Cindy’s commitment to her dogs is admirable and lifelong, ensuring they receive the best care from the moment they are born until their final moments. Her kennel supports the badly needed diversity of American Leonbergers and continuously strives to improve the breed.

Cindy’s actions and ethos are a true reflection of Cheryl Cannon’s legacy. She exemplifies compassion, humility, kindness, leadership, and the encouragement of others. Cindy’s tireless efforts to support, improve, and celebrate the Leonberger breed make her a perfect candidate for the Cheryl Cannon Memorial Award.
I wholeheartedly endorse Cindy Hunt for this award and believe she embodies the spirit and values that it represents. Thank you for your consideration.

Matt Townsend

Matt’s steadfast leadership has encouraged an amazing community to embrace and support our local specialty club.  The Triple Crown event embodies dog show enthusiasts with friendships that have created a solid family and is by far the most obvious example of his hard work and his ability to put action to his vision.
But, what I appreciate most about Matt is his encouragement for others to learn, his good hearted spirit, and his commitment to make progress in every aspect of our club.  


There are many examples of this! The most recent example is when Matt - not present at a dog show - knew that the Best of Breed Leonberger was not in the Group ring and was able to track that person down to make sure their Leo made it to the ring. I can’t think of another so deserving of this award.  

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